Divina Denuevo features a collection of hand crafted leather goods made using antique and vintage hardware and adornments, and wherever possible, reclaimed leather.
Pieces of II is the overarching brand for two unique jewelry collections: Pieces of Time, and Pieces of Opulence. Pieces of Time are made from upcycled antique watch parts, offering you quite literally a moment in history, a piece of time. Pieces of Opulence are made using elegant findings and antique inspiration, displaying the opulence and luxury of the past.  All the pieces are handmade by one person from start to finish, and in most cases uniquely one-of-a-kind

Hart Papery is a design studio that loves to create for the everyday. From jam labels to newsletters, our designs range from sleek and sophisticated to fun and cheeky. Our goal is to create something beautiful that will ‘jazz up’ the mundane.

General Republic is a link of inked apparel featuring edgy designs and comfortable fit.